6 Space-Saving Storage Solutions for your Hallway


Hallways are pretty much indispensible for getting from one room to another, but let’s not stop there. Hallways can be great storage spaces, too! But if you go about hallway storage the same way you handle closet storage, you’ll look like a hoarder. You have to be clever! Here’s how:

1. More Coat Hooks

Coat hooks running all the way down a hallway is a great way to increase storage and keep coats and umbrellas off of the floor. Plus, this will open up extra closet space. Here are some cheap and versatile optionsTip: Add a shelf above the coat hooks for books and decorations.

2. A Bench with Storage

Adding a bench to your hallway, particually around the entranceway, is a great multi-purpose furniture move. You can use the bench to take shoes on and off, and the bench can become additional seating during a party. If you get a bench with some cubbies underneath, you can fill it with shoes, pet gear, umbrellas or living room blankets.

3. Slim Bookshelves

Remember, bookshelves aren’t just for books. You can hide less pretty things like cleaning products and rain gear in cute bins on bookshelves. You can put up framed photos, which are a much more economical solution to displaying art than a large oil painting. If you don’t want bookshelves stretching all the way down your halls, try a tower shelf like this one.

4. Create a Cabinet Bar

Running out of kitchen counter space for your extensive wine and whiskey collection? If you add a cabinet to your hallway, it can be your alcohol storage central. This cabinet by South Shore comes with eight-glass rack and a bunch of sliding storage compartments.

5. Upgrade Your Key Ring to a Flexible Wall Organizer

A good principle for hallway storage is to expand up and not into the room. So upping your wall organizer game will help keep your daily necessities off the floor and out of the way. This hanging mail organizer can hold keys, sunglasses, running gear and purses!.

6. The Cabinet, Shoe Storage, Coat Rack Shebang in One Swing

You could also consider investing in a piece of furniture that will travel with you from apartment to house, and can be moved around when necessary. This hallway storage solution will answer all of your coat hooks, bookshelves and cabinet dreams.


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