6 Questions to Ask a Potential Listing Agent

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. It’s important to have a qualified professional by your side to help you navigate the twists and turns. Here are some questions to help determine which listing agent is right for you.

Virginia Beach Realtor

1. “Where’s the best coffee around here?”
Although a perfect caramel macchiato isn’t critical to the sales process (though it certainly can’t hurt), your listing agent should have experience in your neighborhood. He or she should have bought and sold enough homes to know the area’s history, pros, cons and quirks, not to mention where the locals head for a good cup of joe.

2. “How will you market my property?”
Two balloons on a yard sign no longer cut it. Find out exactly how each prospective listing agent plans to reach buyers. A strategy should go beyond holding an open house. If an agent looks baffled when you mention “virtual tour,” it may be time to find someone more experienced in digital outreach.

3. “How many clients do you have right now?”
Go for the Goldilocks agent, the one with the slate of clients that’s “just right” and can give you the attention and energy you deserve. Even with an assistant, an agent with double-digit clients may not be able to provide the personal focus you require. On the other hand, if you’re an agent’s only client, there’s probably a reason why.

4. “Can I talk to a previous client – or three?”
Ask for references from clients an agent has worked with in the past six months. Some things to ask: How responsive was the agent during the process? Did the client get their asking price? What could the agent have done better?

5. “How much would you list my property for?”
Make sure prospective agents can explain their pricing rationale, including showing you comparable sales listings in the area.

6. “What’s your sign?”
No, not their horoscope. Ask about professional affiliations. When agents are part of the RE/MAX network, they bring with them the power of the company whose agents sell more real estate than any other.


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