Huge Hampton Roads Home Fire Hazard People Forget About

Small laundry room with wooden cabinet, white laundry appliances

Truth time: thousands of fires every year are sparked by a home fire hazard that is often overlooked… resulting in an estimated millions of dollars in property loss! What is this frightening fire hazard, you ask?

Lint in your dryer vent!

That’s right, dryer lint seems pretty harmless, but it catches on fire really easily (there are 15,000 dryer fires every year in the U.S.). So, what can you do to make your house safer than it was before you started reading this post? Simple. Follow these four tips:

1. Always Keep the Lint Trap Clean

Don’t ever run a load of laundry without removing dryer lint from the trap or screen. Large amounts of lint can always accumulate during a regular cycle.

2. Inspect Your Dryer Duct and Vent

Look for kinks, holes or other damage. Over time, dryer lint can build up and clog your dryer vent, reducing the airflow, backing up gases and creating a big fire hazard.

3. Clean Your Dryer Vent!

You can clean your dryer vent duct by vacuuming the back of the dryer, the dryer duct and the wall duct, but we recommend hiring a professional once a year to clean your dryer vent (prices vary by location, but generally it costs about $50). This will ensure you don’t miss any spots overtime that create a dangerous buildup.

4. Practice Gentle Drying Habits

To reduce buildup from general usage, limit your use of dryer sheets, and try to avoid running a dryer for longer than 45 minutes.


April Partida


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