Millennials Willing to Spend When It Comes to Fitness and Homebuying

Largest generation in history will open wallets for health and homes
  • 93 percent want to own a home in the future.
  • Marriage and family are being put off until later in life, but more than 70 percent want to have family one day.
  • While many major purchases, such as cars, aren’t as important to them, buying a home was considered extremely important or important by 70 percent.

Consider millennials’ focus on fitness and wellness. They use apps and online tools to find healthy foods and track fitness goals. They are familiar with finding everything they need to reach their fitness goals online. And, because it’s a key value, while consumption in other areas is declining, millennials are spending more on athletic apparel — a lot more.

What does all this mean for housing?

Millennials want to buy a home, but they want value. They want to know they are making a wise and affordable decision. And they are looking for solutions online. They expect to see product comparisons, options, reviews and detailed information when searching and shopping online.

Plus, their active lifestyles will impact where they want to buy. They want to find the right community as much as they want to find the right house. Most importantly, it will all depend on their ability to find the right home financing solution for their situation.


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