Tips to Prevent your Water Pipes from Freezing

Start Outdoors

• Disconnect and drain the garden hose connection. This will help prevent outside faucets and pipes from freezing, leaking or breaking.

• Close outside vents, crawl spaces and doors so cold air doesn’t seep inside.

• Repair broken windows and seal cracks in the walls.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

• Wrap water lines and meters in commercial insulation.

• Wrap pipes subject to cold or freezing in heat tape available from hardware stores. It must be kept plugged in all winter.

Locate The Shut-off Valves

• Make sure the valves on either side of the water meter are working properly.

• Place a tag on the main shut-off valve. Make sure everyone in the house knows where it is and how to operate it in an emergency.

Check The Heat

• If you’re going away, keep a minimum amount of heat on in the house. This will help protect the pipes in case the temperature drops.

• If you plan to turn the heat off, drain all the water from the pipes, toilets and water heater. Turn off the power source to the water heater. If your heater operates on gas, turn the heater on “pilot.”

More Tips For Freezing Weather

• Check the meter periodically to see if there is damage and contact us if you detect a crack.

• If a sink is located against an outside wall, open the cabinet doors overnight to allow warm air to reach water pipes.

• If you have had problems with frozen pipes in the past, keep a trickle of water running from the highest faucet in your house. During extremely cold periods, this trickle should be the size of a pencil point. You will be billed for the water used but this procedure may help prevent more costly plumbing repairs resulting from broken pipes.


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