Easy New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Vase with flower and vintage decorate on table with windowsill i

1. Hang Up Your Coats (Every Day!)

When you get home from an epic day at work, all you want is a big glass of wine and 3-8 streaming episodes of Friends. Because of this totally normal desire can appear with some urgency, sometimes your coat lands on the floor or the chair instead of the closet. Keep yourself in check this year – hang your coat up every day, no matter what!

2. Do Laundry Before It’s an Emergency

Laundry is like a parking ticket. The longer you pretend like it doesn’t exist, the worse it’s going to get. Instead of building a dirty-clothes mountain in your closet and then wasting every other Sunday in a laundry marathon, do it as you go. Then you never dip into your reserve-underwear stash.

3. Audit Your Kitchen

Did you crack any dishes in 2015? Are you holding onto plates you never use? You’ll never know if you don’t take a good, hard look at your cabinet. Toss anything you don’t use and make a note of items you should replace.

4. One In, One Out

This one is simple. If you buy anything in 2015 – anything – toss something else out. One in, one out. It’ll keep your clutter situation status quo.

5. Stock Up on Batteries and Lightbulbs

When a lightbulb burns out and you have a replacement handy, it’s no big deal. When you’re out of lightbulbs, all of a sudden there’s a chore to be done. We don’t like chores. To make your life easier, stock up on lightbulbs and batteries now, so you’ll breeze through replacements all year.

6. Make Friends with Your Neighbors

You never know when you’ll need a cup of sugar. And, maybe your next door neighbor is your best-friend-in-waiting. Even if it’s not a match made in heaven, it’s worth heading over to say “hi” just to see. You’ll feel better about yourself.

7. Buy Fresh Flowers Each Month

Whether the bouquet is for your significant other, or just for you, a monthly purchase of flowers will make someone smile. Tip: To help make them last the entire month (or most of it, at least), put the entire vase in the fridge at night.

8. Rearrange Your Living Room

Sometimes, all you need is a fresh perspective. Move the furniture around in your most-used rooms – you’ll feel like you’re starting over!

9. Organize Your Bookshelf

Closets get all of the organization attention these days. Take an afternoon and organize your bookshelves in a way that works for you. You could color-code the shelves, you can pair favorite stories or you could organize by author. Up to you!

10. Wash Your Drapes (At Least) Four Times

We bet you a steak dinner you skimped on this last year! And dust and drapes get along like peanut butter and jelly.



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