10 Things In Your Home That Make Travel Easier

Traveling is fun. Packing blows.

To make the packing process less of a suckfest, try these 10 tricks using items you probably already have around the house.

They’ll protect your stuff, save you time and prevent a pre-trip meltdown.

1. Shower Cap = Clothing Protector

Before putting your grimy shoes in a bag with your clothes, cover the soles with a plastic shower cap. Tip: You can “borrow” shower caps from a lot of hotel rooms, if you know what I mean.

2. Drinking Straw = Necklace Protector

Thread a necklace chain through a drinking straw and then clasp it shut. No more tangled chains, ever!

3. Dryer Sheet = Stink Fighter

Even the cleanest of clothes turn stale after being packed away in a suitcase for days. Keep your stuff fresh by sticking an unused dryer sheet in your bag before you jet off.

4. Pill Container = Jewelry Organizer

Small rings are easier to lose when traveling than your dignity is on New Years Eve. To keep track of them (and other small jewelry), use a day-to-day pill container to store your bling.

5. Cereal Container = Trash Can

If you’re taking a road trip, toss an empty cereal container in the car – it makes a perfect garbage bin.

6. Sunglass Case = Cable Corral

Let’s count your chargers: iPhone, iPad, Kindle, razor … get the point? Corral the cables into one spot by stuffing them in an unused sunglass case.

7. Loose Buttons = Earring Organizer

To keep track of Grandma’s pearls, or any other small stud earrings you’re packing, fasten the set through the holes of a large, colorful button.

8. Oven Mitt = Hair Accessory Protector

Getting your suitcase and your hair ready at the same time is a real good way to destroy something you love. How? A warm curling iron thrown into a bag next to your favorite sunglasses will melt those shades in about five seconds.  The solution: Slip any still-warm hair accessories into a pot holder, stick the pot holder into your bag.  

9. Empty Pill Bottle = Cotton Swab Storage

When you’re done with your prescription, don’t toss the bottle! Instead, use it to store cotton swabs, makeup applicators, toothpicks and whatever else you need to get ready for the day.

10. Trash Bag = Laundry Hamper

When you pack your bag, the trash bag is empty. When you return home, it’s full of dirty clothes. Boom.


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