Getting Down and Dirty: Cleaning Tips for Out-of-the-Way Spots


Here’s some advice for when you go to conquer the dust bunny dens throughout your home:

1. Bed. For kids, the Boogeyman is the primary under-the-bed concern. For adults, it’s dirt. To keep the dirt monster away, first tuck the dust ruffles and bedding up into the mattress. Then, carefully push the bed a couple feet away from the wall for easy access. Remove any items stored beneath the bed, and then vacuum the area thoroughly, with an extra focus on corners. Optional: Dampen a cloth with all-purpose cleaner and pass it gently along runners and wall moldings.

2. Refrigerator. Here’s a fun fact: Dust that collects beneath your refrigerator mixes with the moisture emitted during the cooling process. The result? A gummy film that can ruin your kitchen floor. Twice a year, clear this up by pulling your fridge away from the wall (if it has wheels, this won’t be hard at all). Unplug the fridge from the wall. Vacuum the floor area to remove crumbs, then wash with a mixture of 1/3 cup of white vinegar and ½ gallon of warm water. When dry, plug in the refrigerator and push back into place.

3. Oven. You’d be surprised how much food goes AWOL when you’re pulling dinner in and out of the oven. Plus, food that falls into the crack between your counter and oven isn’t doing you any favors. Remove the lower drawer of your oven and sweep the area. Then, attack lingering crumbs with a vacuum hose. Finally, mop the area and allow it to dry completely before replacing the oven drawer.

4. Furniture. Tables, dressers, sofas and benches are just a few of the household items that accommodate dust bunnies like a 4-star hotel. There’s no set-in-stone rule to how often you should rearrange these items and vacuum underneath them. But think of it this way: if your vacuum is picking up so much stuff that it sounds like a lawnmower, you might consider upping the frequency. Tip: Stay on top of things between sessions with the much-loved Starfiber Dusterator or similar microfiber dusting device. It will make a huge difference and doesn’t require moving furniture.

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