Is Virginia Beach VA Real Estate In Recovery?

Ever since the housing bubble burst, the American public has been bombarded by predictions of all sorts. Some have included assertions that the Virginia Beach VA real estate market has bottomed out, while others issue dire warnings that it will sink still lower. Accompanying these negative reports, however, there have usually been optimistic voices insisting that the market is actually improving. And perhaps it finally is. Dubious? Read on…

According to a fifty-page report issued recently by the Demand Institute, a think tank jointly operated by the well-respected and non-partisan research organizations The Conference Board and Nielsen, 2012 is the year of the housing bottom. The report states, “The double-digit increases in U.S. housing prices over the first half of the past decade proved unsustainable. But the freefall is over. The point has been reached where housing prices will start to climb, albeit at single-digit rates in most markets over the next five years.”

In addition, Douglas C. Yearley, Jr., CEO of Toll Brothers (a leading builder of high-end homes),says: “It appears that the housing market has moved into a new and stronger phase of recovery as we have experienced broad-based improvement across most of our regions over the past six months. The spring selling season has been the most robust and sustained since the downturn began.”

Numerous recently published articles dealing with Virginia Beach VA real estate discuss various stages of a housing market recovery.  Some describe a 3-step process, some 5, and others 7, but all agree that the signs of an upswing are currently here. Visit Zip Realty, Seeking Alpha, and GMO for in-depth explanations and analyses of these stages.

Moreover, the Wall Street Daily touts 11 positive indicators that point to the beginning of a real estate turnaround in the U.S. Among those featured are rising housing starts, declining inventory, growing consumer confidence, spiking rental costs, increasing prices of Virginia Beach VA homes, and rebounding existing home sales.

If you are considering buying or selling a Virginia Beach VA home, this may well be a good time to do so. Interest rates won’t get any lower, prices seem to be stabilizing, and houses are more affordable than they’ve been in a decade. Why wait any longer?

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