Spring Organizing Tips for Your Virginia Beach VA Home

Organizing a basement, garage, or attic is much like any other large project: unless it’s already been done, it’s probably in desperate need – and no one wants to do it.  However, it is now spring, a perfect time for cleaning, de-cluttering, sorting, arranging, donating, and tossing out the “stuff” that has been accumulating in your Virginia Beach VA home.  A pleasant task?  No, but perhaps not as overwhelming as it may seem.

In all probability, your storage area is filled with boxes of books; tools; bikes; exercise, sporting, and home repair equipment; outgrown clothing; furniture; holiday decorations; leftover paint, gardening, and cleaning supplies, and……the list can go on and on.  Where—and how—to start?

Rule one:  Take it a bit at a time and enlist impartial help, those with no emotional ties to any of the items.

And then:

  • Assess the clutter. Start by creating three categories: keep, donate, and toss/recycle.
  • Edit the belongings you’re keeping. Separate the keep pile into new categories, such as books, sporting goods, etc. Assign each category a location.
  • Label items. Give anything that’s not plainly identifiable a clear label. Visit Nackit.com for reusable labels.
  • Pick plastic storage boxes. Cardboard boxes, no matter how strong, bend and dent with frequent use—and they’re not much protection from dampness if your Virginia Beach VA home tends to hold moisture. Instead, choose sturdy plastic containers, which shield their contents better and seal more tightly. For help moving heavy boxes/containers, try a set of self-adhesive wheels which will support up to 250 pounds.
  • Investigate different methods of storage.  Think about installing sturdy shelving or hooks for hanging items on the walls. Consider using baskets (good for any room in your Virginia Beach VA home) or one of the many vertical hanging storage pockets from Simply Stashed.  These items are great for getting tools, hardware, and sports equipment off the floor.
  • Rent a dumpster:  For not very much money—usually about $200 to $400—you can get a ten-yard Dumpster delivered and picked up, which is so worth it. Google “Dumpster rental” and the name of the city nearest you to compare prices.
  • Properly dispose of chemicals:  “Never put paint and chemicals in the trash or down the drain since they can contaminate the soil and groundwater. Visit earth911.com for a list of recycling centers near your Virginia Beach VA home.

And when you’ve finished?  Give yourself a big hand and a pat on the back!

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